BB 4638: direct flight from San Juan Bautista to San Juan Bautista

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Seaborne airlinesBB 4638

San Juan Bautista — San Juan Bautista
20 April
21 April
1 d 2 h 40 min
Scheduled: 10:00
Scheduled: 12:40
San Juan Bautista
Luis Munoz MarinSJU
San Juan Bautista
Luis Munoz MarinSJU
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Distance between seats is about average (76 cm)
No more than 5 seats in a row • 34 seats
No in-flight entertainment
No power outlet
No Wi-Fi
hand baggage up to 13 kg
You can check your baggage allowance in tariff details on the airline's website
На борт так же можно взять личную вещь (не более 36 x 36 x 23 см): портмоне, портфель, сумка с ноутбуком.

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